Honors Points System

Your participation will be recorded as soon as you attend your first meeting and attend your first event.

Points System (NEW for 2017-2018)

  • 10 points per semester (20 per academic year)

  • $25 lifetime membership. Contact us at hsa@wayne.edu to set up a time with a board member to pay dues.

  • Earn at least 2 points per semester in each pillar category (Community, Service, Research, Career)

  • Monthly meetings worth 0.5 points each

  • Events worth 1 point each (unless otherwise indicated)

  • Send proof of attendance (selfie, ticket stub, etc.) to hsa@wayne.edu to earn your points! Take some awesome pictures and you could be featured on our website!

Check your involvement points for 2017-2018 here! Please report any discrepancies to hsa@wayne.edu.

Involvement points for 2015-2016 are located here!