About The Honors Student Association

The Honors Student Association (HSA) provides members with opportunities to participate in social, academic and community service events. HSA is a fun way to network with like-minded students who want to get involved on and near campus.

The HSA engages students in activities that build upon the four pillars of the Honors College: community, service, research and career.

Membership Involvement

Membership is easy! Just come to any one of our meetings, sign in as a new member, and ta-da, your first honors point has been earned! Meetings will be held about once a month, pending the activities planned during that month. Students are encouraged to come as often as possible. Members are also updated frequently with news by email. Contact hsa@wayne.edu if you would like to receive email updates from us!

Mission Statement

The Honors Student Association (HSA) provides Honors students with opportunities to participate in diverse social, academic and service activities. As HSA continues to grow, so does our members' passion for WSU and the Irvin D. Reid Honors College, and our impact on the campus and community.