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HSA is a student org that targets students with diverse interests. We are always looking for members to feature in our new showcase. If you have any original art, poetry, or writing, email us at! Show your skills and be featured in our next newsletter. 


HSA for HIGH Campaign (2016-2017)

One out of three college students are forced to drop out. Here at Wayne State University, we have approximately 27,000 students which means this: nearly 9,000 WSU students won't make it to graduation. Honors Student Association (HSA) is part of the WSU Honors College, which means we value education above all else and want others to have this opportunity too. By raising $1,500 for WSU's HIGH (Helping Individuals Go Higher) program, we can support a student on their way to graduation. This financial support will allow a student can pay off housing, transportation, and/or tuition bills, reducing their monetary barriers. Our goal is to have at least one student this year graduate who otherwise would not be able to. The faster we raise money, the faster we can hand funds to a student that is on the verge of deciding whether or not to drop out because of monetary barriers. HSA for HIGH can do this with your help! 

Thank you for all the support of our campaign! We raised $2,355 this year!!


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